Our Story

Discover a smarter way to serve and present your food

The ultimate all-in-one food bowl that’s designed to fit most commercial beverages, while being eco-friendly! 

Made from durable, food-grade and sustainable materials, SNAK TAP combines practicality with sustainability, providing your customers with a convenient and eco-conscious dining experience.

How it Works

Spend less time juggling containers and more time enjoying your meal

Using eco-friendly recyclable materials, SNAK TAP makes it easy for customers to enjoy meals outside home without dealing with excess containers or packaging.

SNAK TAP also helps businesses like yours build brand awareness with unique, organic marketing and advertising potential.

Use Cases

On-the-go convenience, right at your fingertips

It’s no secret that getting food and drinks back to your seat at a stadium or festival can be a major struggle. SNAK TAP’s unique design makes this a relic of the past.

Give your customers the ability to enjoy their food & beverage with convenience and watch as word-of-mouth leads to long lines of repeat customers.

Customize the experience with food dividers, sauce trays and more!

Turn meals outside home into branded social media-worthy moments!

Twist Bottles

SNAK TAP securely fastens to all standard-size commercially available twist cap bottles for your drinking convenience.

Soda Cans

SNAK TAP works perfectly with 12 fl oz soda cans, as well as larger or elongated cans with an industry-standard lip size.

Takeout Cups

16 fl oz? 20 fl oz? 30 fl oz? Whatever the case, SNAK TAP is optimized for most fountain beverage cups on the market


Made from food safe polypropylene and eco-friendly additive, the versatile SNAK TAP bowl holds about 30 oz of hot or cold food. Each bowl can be further customized with sauce trays and food divider inserts

Sauce Tray

Our optional feature for pouring dipping sauce gives your customers the ability to keep their meal organized and mess-free when eating in stadium seats, movie theatres, and other restrictive spaces.

Food Divider

Need to keep nacho cheese away from the chips, separate palate-cleansing veggies from messy chicken wings, or simply add a side of fries to the meal? With unlimited possibilities, SNAK TAP food dividers can be your solution.

Stackable Lid

One of the biggest advantages of SNAK TAP is its built-in stackability. This optimizes your business to pre-package foods for quick service and provides carrying multiple orders easy for customers.


Build Brand Awareness, One Bowl at a Time

SNAK TAP offers unique branding and marketing opportunities through stackable on-the-go dining. Showcase your brand with custom labeled bowls and gain social media exposure with customers sharing their experience. Boost your marketing game with SNAK TAP’s custom branding options.

Optimized Design

Minimal packaging meets maximum efficiency

Crafted from PFAS-free food safe polypropylene and FDA approved eco-friendly additive, our patent-pending product aims to make things easier for food retailers and their customers while also minimizing the amount of foil, paper and plastic waste required to package food. 


Our Green Commitment

SNAK TAP is made using an eco friendly additive to allow our plastic to break down to air, water and less than 1% biomass, with zero waste. There is no industrial/commercial treatment required to naturally decompose.

SNAK TAP can be recycled, the eco friendly additive is an eco-insurance policy taking care of plastic that escapes the recycling circle and ends up in landfill or left behind in the environment.

In addition to a focus on sustainability and recycling, we encourage end-users to upcycle our products and continue using them at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us directly and we will provide information.

SNAK TAP is made from food safe polypropylene with FDA approved eco-friendly materials that break down naturally. 

Yes, SNAK TAP is recycle friendly, furthermore our FDA approved eco-friendly additive functions as an eco insurance policy for products that end up at the landfill. 

 As every business operates differently, we are offering our lids and optional trays sperately.

Yes, the bowl itself can withstand up to the 180F temperatures. However, the food divider inserts and sauce trays can handle cold to warm temperatures up to 155F

Depending on order projections and commitment we are able to create a custom bowl that works for your fountain drink cup sizes.

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